A smaller field-sales team: but twice the volume of face-to-face appointments. A steady flow of high-value sales opportunities. A sales function you can manage by numbers —
and scale without diminishing returns.
This is what we’ll build together.








Sales Process Engineering

A radical new approach to sales

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We give you Sales Process Engineering (SPE)

The radical increase in the efficiency (and effectiveness) of your sales function will be the result of the most significant development in the entire history of sales.

Sales Process Engineering (SPE) starts with the application of division-of-labor (or specialization) to the sales environment.
vr-saleWe get your sales team busy selling

Field salespeople work exclusively in the field: and spend 100% of their time face-to-face with existing and potential customers.

And field salespeople are transformed from autonomous agents into part of a larger, tightly coordinated, team.
vr-sale We generate leads and coordinate sales activities

Within this team, the generation of sales opportunities, the management of transactions, inside sales and sales engineering are all specialties – and performed by specialists.

This move to division-of-labor is accompanied by a profoundly different approach to the management of sales.
vr-saleWe give you visibility and control over your sales process

Management can now measure and plan the sales function, just as it does other parts of the organization.

The result is a significant increase in sales activity, coupled with a reduction in expenses and a major lift in customer service quality.


Our three service options


  • GOLD

  • Enduring Partnership*
    Managed SPE
    (includes Assisted DIY options)


  • Fastest and most effective way to implement SPE
  • Lock-in a process of ongoing improvement
  • Work closely with experienced Ballistix consultant
  • Includes comprehensive suite of sales technology
  • Includes all promotional collateral (print and web)

  • Assisted DIY (budget)
    Solution Design Workshop
    (includes DIY options)


    (one-off investment)

  • The best option if you want to implement SPE on your own
  • An intensive two-day planning workshop
  • Facilitated by Justin, on your location (with your team)
  • Create a detailed model of your end-state
  • And a step-by-step plan to transition to that end-state

  • DIY (free)
    Books, Webinars and a host
    of other SPE resources


    (all you need is web access!)

  • All the knowledge you need to go-it-alone
  • Justin’s books cover the theory and application of SPE
  • Regular blog posts share latest thinking and developments
  • Monthly webinars provide additional insights
  • Unlimited personal advice via the forum on Justin’s blog
*Read on to discover why the net cost (from month one) of Managed SPE may be as little as $0!

Sales Operations may be the fastest way to implement SPE but it doesn’t suit everyone. That’s why we provide you three service
options. And the three options aren’t mutually exclusive. Start with Bronze today and upgrade when (and if) you need to.

The most important thing is to start!


 Why the net cost (from month one) of the Managed SPE option may be as little as $0!

It may sound too good to be true, but bear with us here for a moment.

If yours is a mid-sized (or larger) business, it’s likely that the net cost of Managed SPE (from month one onwards) will be nothing!
There are two basic reasons why:

cost1 cost2
Even though we’ll be building you a
(much) more productive sales function,
it’s possible that your sales-related
expenses will go down
Because of the comprehensive range of
services we provide, it’s very likely
that our Managed SPE service will displace a number
of existing providers.

Add up the savings

Here are the areas where you are likely to save money, in the two categories discussed
above. You can use this list as a ready-reckoner to estimate your own net cost. Remember,
cost savings isn’t our primary objective – generating sales growth is – but a transition like the
one you’re contemplating is so much easier if it doesn’t load up the cost side of the ledger.


Fewer field salespeople:
SPE enables you to
double your volume of true (face-to-face)
business-development meetings with one fifth
the team. In practice, it’s unlikely that you’ll
dramatically downsize your team (some
salespeople may move into inside sales or sales
engineering roles) but there may be some
reduction and if you have open ‘requisitions’
there’s an immediate (and painless) saving!


Eliminate sales offices: if salespeople spend
all their time face-to-face with customers,
salesoffices may become redundant (in most
casesyou’re better off with one central sales
support team).


A leaner sales management structure:
with all field activities centrally planned, you
no longer need layers of sales management.

Consolidate your
service providers

 If you don’t have a CRM, we’ll
provide you one. And if you do, we’ll provide a
suite ofplug-in applications and services to augment
your existing technology (plus, in most cases, we’ll
support your CRM for you).


Promotional services: we’ll provide all sales-related
collateral (print and online). This includes brochures,
websites and services like SEO and PPC.)


Recruiting and training: we’ll recruit and train your sales
support personnel for you. We’ll even assist with the
recruitment of salespeople and sales management.


Coaching: you get coaching at two levels. Your
designated consultant will work with your individual
contributors and middle management and Justin
will be available, when required, for strategic support.